Danielle Ginder | Mar 6, 2023

Routine maintenance is part of life. You take your car in to get serviced, you go to the doctor for an annual check up, but do you get your carpets regularly cleaned? There are many benefits to having your carpets cleaned on a regular basis! 

Improving Longevity of the Carpet-

Regular deep cleaning helps maintain the longevity of the carpet.   Removing the dirt and other abrasive particles can help to prevent premature wear and tear. While some may believe that vacuuming once or twice a week is sufficient, vacuuming only focuses on the surface level dirt and debris leaving the embedded dirt behind.  This dirt gets embedded into the fibers and slowly breaks down the carpet causing it to split and deteriorate. This leaves the carpet looking thin and worn down. Professional carpet cleaners utilizing a method of hot water extraction (HWE) effectively removes this dirt and grime and leaves the carpet sanitized.  In addition, by not cleaning your carpets every 12-18 months by a professional will void your warranty.  Having your carpets cleaned once a year is a much cheaper alternative to replacing it. 

Clean Carpets Improves Air Quality & Reduces Allergens-

Did you know that the carpets and rugs in your home act as air filters? We all know that carpets can stain and show wear, but contaminants can also become trapped in the carpet fibers. Dirt, dust, mildew, and bacteria get trapped within the fibers of your carpets and can cause an unhealthy living environment if not cleaned properly.  Vacuuming can be helpful for the surface dirt and debris, but is not the solution. Leaving this dirt, dust, and contaminants behind in your carpets can be particularly detrimental to someone who struggles with breathing, allergies or asthma.  So what’s the solution? Professionally cleaning your carpets once or twice a year will help with eliminating the dirt, mildew and bacteria and kick out allergy & illness.  This can have a dramatic effect on your health and home. 

Eliminates Odors-

Do you have pets? Children? Stinky feet? Carpet clings to smells and odors and over time can cause the aroma of your house to become less than appealing.  This is especially true in houses with pets.  Pet dander and urine can become embedded into the carpet and cause a foul odor.  These odors are very difficult to remove without the help of a professional cleaner.  Professional carpet cleaners provide specific solutions and extraction methods to hit the  odor and improve the smell of your home. 

Installing carpet in your home is an investment.  Let us help you protect your investment.  To learn more about the carpet cleaning services that Newly Restored can provide, feel free to contact us for a free estimate.

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