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Ditch the toothbrush and discover a deeper, more effective tile and grout cleaning. Our advanced method combines high-alkaline solutions with high-pressure hot water extraction, targeting embedded dirt and ensuring a pristine finish every time.

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Experience a revolution in tile and grout cleaning with Newly Restored. Gone are the days of back-breaking scrubbing on hands and knees with just a toothbrush. Our sophisticated approach marries specialized high-alkaline solutions with powerful hot water extraction to dive deep below the surface, effectively targeting and removing embedded dirt, grease, and stubborn residues. Trust in our advanced techniques to rejuvenate your tiles and grout, ensuring they shine like new

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Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

Every tile and grout cleaning journey with Newly Restored begins with meticulous floor preparation, ensuring all loose debris is swept away. We then introduce our high alkaline pre-spray, allowing it to thoroughly penetrate and start disintegrating the soils and grease. The magic unfolds as we employ high heat and pressure extraction, effectively purging dirt, grease, and bacteria. Where stubborn mineral-based stains persist, we bring in an acid-based punch. After a comprehensive rinse and extraction, we optionally seal the grout lines with a water-based protector, safeguarding against future soiling and ensuring long-lasting radiance.

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Why do you need Tile & grout cleaning?

The Benefits of Tile & Grout Cleaning

Enhance Home Aesthetics

Clean tile and grout dramatically transform room appearances, uplifting the overall ambiance.

Healthier Living Environment

Professional cleaning eradicates hidden direct and bacteria ensuring a safer indoor atmosphere.

Extended Tile LifeSpan

Regular cleaning prevents wear and tear, prolonging the durability and beautfy.

Tile Sealing

We recommend sealing the grout after cleaning. If the grout is no stained, we can use a water-based sealer to keep future dirt out. Sometimes grout can be permanently stained. In those cases, we can seal the grout with a color seal to give the floor a new uniformed appearance and protect it from future soiling.

Protect Against Stains & Spills

Tile sealing creates a barrier, making it easier to clean up spills and resist deep-set stains.

Long Lasting Cleanliness

A sealed surface repels dirt and grime, maintaining appearance for a longer time.


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Newly Restored, a family-owned business in Central Pennsylvania, is dedicated to delivering top-notch, cost-effective cleaning and restoration services with no hidden fees. Our certified technicians utilize cutting-edge equipment and continually pursue further education to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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