Danielle Ginder | Jan 9, 2024

Reviving Old Carpets: When to Clean, Repair, or Replace

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, especially when juggling a demanding career and a bustling family life, it’s easy to overlook the silent workhorse of your home’s comfort and style—your carpets. But there comes a time when every carpet begs for attention, be it a refreshing clean, a meticulous repair, or a complete replacement. At Newly Restored, we understand the dilemma you face in making the best decision for your home and family. Let’s unravel the one truth about how to ensure a clean home you’ll be eager to brag about.

Assessing Your Carpet’s Condition

Before deciding on whether to clean, repair, or replace your carpet, take a moment to assess its current state. Is it just the occasional crumbs and spots from weekend family activities or has it borne the brunt of years of foot traffic? Does it have minor tears from playful pets or significant damage from moving furniture around? Your carpet’s current condition will dictate the next step to take.

Repair or Replace? Making the Choice

When your carpet has seen better days, with wear-and-tear that goes beyond what a thorough clean can fix, it’s time to consider repair or replacement. If the damage is localized—like a small tear or burn—you might opt for a repair. However, if your carpet has widespread damage, persistent odors that won’t go out, or if it has become a relic from a bygone era in terms of style, then replacement might be the more viable option.

The Clean Slate: Carpet Cleaning

Sometimes, all your carpet needs is a deep, thorough clean to restore its former glory. A carpet that’s dulled by everyday dirt and the occasional spill can be rejuvenated with professional cleaning. So where do they start? Most professional cleaning companies will start with vacuuming to get rid of the surface particles, followed by spot treatment for those stubborn stains. Then comes the hot water rinsing—a process that not only cleans,

but also sanitizes your carpets, washing away the grime and allergens. The final touch? Post grooming that leaves your carpets looking orderly and feeling plush underfoot. It’s a comprehensive approach that ensures your home isn’t just clean; it’s a showcase of comfort and hygiene.

The Newly Restored Difference

We know that the decision to clean, repair, or replace your carpeting isn’t just about maintaining a home; it’s about creating a sanctuary where you can escape the pressures of the outside world. So if you find yourself looking at your carpets and not loving what you see, it’s time to take action. Newly Restored is here to guide you through the process and offer solutions that fit your specific needs. With our expertise, you can say goodbye to the enemies of time and stress and hello to a home that’s as welcoming and vibrant as you’ve always wanted it to be. Give us a call at 717-203-3400 or drop us an email at info@newlyrestored.com. Let’s make your home the envy of the neighborhood together!

Trusted and Trained Experts

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